Cool Gift for
a Cool Mom


Moms have been telling us what to do since birth. All those words of wisdom could make any mouth parched. This Mother’s Day, give your Mom the gift of hydration and help keep her cool with Drinkfinity. At over 25% off, this bundle of delicious is just the treat your mom needs to keep the motherly advice flowing.

2019 Mother's Day gift set. A Vessel and four pod packs.

What’s so cool about this bundle?
It can help Mom stick to her daily hydration goals with a 20oz reusable water bottle that she can take everywhere; use for plain water, or pop one of her 16 delicious Pods. It’s more than flavored water; the Pods are made with purposefully selected ingredients like green coffee bean extract, electrolytes, or antioxidant vitamins c & e, with no artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.

We can’t promise any super powers, but there is plenty of variety in this bundle to give your SHERO what she wants. Choose from Pods with caffeine from green coffee bean extract, electrolytes at sports-drink levels, or antioxidant vitamins c & e.