Three Pods to Love this Valentine's Day !

Drinkfinity Team

Your body keeps you alive every day of the year. Say thanks by showing it some love with our Valentine’s Day gift set. Enjoy three of our best selling Pod packs, a reusable Vessel for popping Pods or plain water, and a coral Vessel strap to customize your bottle.

Fall in LOVE with your water again, designed to help you meet your hydration goals and enhance every moment of your day, these Pods were selected as your perfect date.

Origami hearts
Açai Charge pod pack

Acai Charge is like a wingman for your mouth.

The tropical, bold blend of acai, grape and blackberry flavors in an invigorating drink, with a caffeinated kick, inspired by the energy and passion of Brazil. Thanks to unroasted (green) coffee beans, Drinkfinity Charge Pods have about as much caffeine as a cup for coffee and they’re the perfect date to help power your day (or night).

Berry Lemonade Renew Pods help you get ready for the next hike;

Even if your calves aren’t. Subtly sweet raspberry meets a zingy lemon flavor and a sprinkle of ginseng extract. Pop a Pod for a refreshing hydration, with sports-drink levels of electrolytes to help you bounce back from your active lifestyle. These aren’t just for a vigorous physical workout; the two key electrolytes in Drinkfinity Renew Pods (Sodium & Potassium) also help your body stay hydrated, in addition to water, while being exposed to extremely hot or humid environment. It’s not your grandma’s lemonade, but we think you’ll still find a place for it in your heart.
Berry Lemonade pod pack
Pomegranate Ginger pod pack

Pomegranate Ginger Flow Pods can turn a cringe conversation about astrology

into a steamy conversation about chemistry. It can also help you hydrate while you meet your vitamin c & e levels. This delightful, tangy, full-bodied blend of pomegranate extract and real ginger extract will keep your taste buds on their toes this Valentine’s Day. Drinkfinity Flow Pods are an excellent source of two antioxidant vitamins: vitamin c, helps with the absorption of iron, and vitamin e – which promotes healthy cells.

You might not have a date if you procrastinate.

Purchase by February 7th with standard shipping to arrive by Valentine’s Day!
Every U.S. purchase supports to help provide safe water in the developing world.
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Happy Valentine's Day !