Green Party

Text by: Olana DiGirolamo

Green doesn’t have to try very hard to be cool…

What other color universally represents nature, health, hope & luck? It’s also officially the color for go! And getting the green light is always a good sign.

Green is used in design to bolster creativity and productivity. It can be stress relieving, and – ironically – invigorating.[1]
Green = balance and revitalization.
It’s doubly warming and cooling effect
can also bring harmony and stability.

Green Party | Drinkfinity HUB
Green Party | Drinkfinity HUB

Which brings us to the best part... all the delicious green stuff we get to eat. Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals. Dark green vegetables, in particular, are loaded with vitamin K. A tiny half-cup of cooked [boiled, drained without salt] kale has more than four times the recommended daily amount of vitamin K. You’ll get about 40% of the daily value of vitamin A from a half-cup of cooked collard greens (boiled, drained, without salt), plus about 15% of the daily value of vitamin C and 10% of calcium. And let’s not forget broccoli… the classic “good for you” green standard of veggies.[2]

So green really is pretty cool…
it’s just a natural!

[1] [2] Resources for points 1-2: 2015 US Dietary Guidelines for Americans; FDA Code of Federal Regulation Title 21, section 101.9 Nutrition Labeling; USDA Standard Reference.

Green Party | Drinkfinity HUB