A New Way
to Hydrate

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A New Way to Hydrate | Drinkfinity HUB

Stay cool,
stay hydrated

You probably know how important hydration is to a healthy lifestyle. According to the Institutes of Medicine, Dietary Reference Intakes for Water, women should drink at least the equivalent of 11 glasses or 2.2 liters of water from beverages including drinking water, and men at last 13 glasses or 3 liters.
To stay hydrated, you don’t have to limit yourself to plain water. In fact, there’s a new way to hydrate. Drinkfinity is a hydration enhancer, with no artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.

So how do you prepare a Drinkfinity beverage?

It’s easy! First, you twist the top of the Vessel and remove the piercer. Next, fill with ice and cold water to the mark but be careful not to exceed the fill line. Place the piercer back in place. Peel the label off of your pod, flip the pod over and place it down against the piercer. You’ll want to press down firmly to pop the Pod. (We like to use two hands to do this part).
A New Way to Hydrate | Drinkfinity HUB

Did you know?

Our Pods contain two chambers to keep the dry ingredients separated from the liquid? It’s true —
so when popping, you need to break two seals.

A New Way to Hydrate | Drinkfinity HUB
Get ready to shake things up! Shake the Vessel while holding the Pod, you may even want to flip the Vessel completely upside down to make sure the dry ingredients mixed with the liquid— especially if your drink of choice is Lemon Spirulina, Oatberry or Mango Chia, three flavors you should be sure to shake thoroughly before drinking.
You’re almost there. Now, you just have to secure the top, open the Vessel… and voila. The magnetized top keeps your cap in place so you can drink comfortably.

The preparation is part of the fun — take it from the Drinkfinity team. Check out a few of our favorite tips:

“I add ice to my water before popping the pod. It's so refreshing!” — Samone T.
“Before I pop, I like to place the label on the bottom of the pod.” — David P.
“Find a flat surface and pop with two hands.” — Andrea B.
“I like to wait for all the liquid to flow into the Vessel, and then shake to make sure all the ingredients are mixed.” — Masha P.

Staying hydrated has never been so delicious!
Just grab your Drinkfinity vessel, pop in your favorite flavor, and go.