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text by S. M. Campisi

The Chill Issue #1

Every body deserves a massage

If you’re looking for an excuse to book a day at the spa, you’ve found it. A body massage is no longer just an indulgence; many consider it useful for maintaining physical health and wellbeing.
Every body deserves a massage | Drinkfinity HUB

Different strokes for different folks

Not all massages are created equally. Different types of massage target different outcomes.

• Swedish massages and hot stone massages are popular for getting relaxed and centered.

• Deep-tissue and trigger point massages dig deep to target particular trouble spots. Traditional Shiatsu targets “energy” flows in the body.

• Thai massages involve joint manipulation.

• Sports massages, as the name suggests, are a go-to for athletes.

If you just need to relax, or you have some aches that need attention, a massage may do the trick. If you’re short for time or don’t have a masseuse nearby, you can even try massaging out your own aches and pains!