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text by S. M. Campisi

The Flow Issue #1

Go with the flow (on the dance floor)

We all aspire to be happy-go-lucky. But more often than not we find ourselves sweating the things that don't really matter. So how can you let go of what’s weighing you down in favour of going with the flow?
Listening to music, going for a walk, hugging a dog and switching off your screens are all ways to de-stress. They take you away from the demands of everyday life and let you focus on one thing – and one positive thing at that! But personally, we can’t get enough of dancing at home.
Go with the flow (on the dance floor) | Drinkfinity HUB
Go with the flow (on the dance floor) | Drinkfinity HUB
When in doubt, dance it out
Let’s face it: there’s nothing like dancing. It’s exercise combined with self-expression, set to your favorite beat. Dancing in your living room gets you active and moving – and focused on being in the moment. Plus you get to listen to the music you love. What better way to improve your mood?
If you think about it, dancing is the ultimate way of letting go. You’re not thinking about anything else you might have going on. You’re moving along to the beat, and picking out and expressing those great moments in a song. You probably look a little bit silly, but you don't care – especially in your living room.
To the beat of your own drum!
Dancing gives you a space to just be you without consequence or fear. So the next time you need to shake it all off, try kicking up your heels in your living-room. Close the blinds, turn up the music and let it all go!
Go with the flow (on the dance floor) | Drinkfinity HUB