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David Abrahamovitch

Founder of Grind

Have a dream? It’s time to grind.

Text by: S. M. CAMPISI

Work-life balance is old-school. Today we’re all about work-life fluidity – and finding a passion that can flow into every part of your life.

For David Abrahamovitch, CEO and founder of London-based Grind & Co cafe-bar collective, that’s what running your own business offers. And what better place to get it started than always-on, always-changing London?

Launched in 2011 serving just coffee, Grind now spans 9 locations and employees 200 people. Four of its striking venues double as restaurants, and the business has its eye on further expansion.

“People are looking for things they can use for work and for play, things that suit to the different parts of their life”

It’s pretty clear that David is no stranger to business. A seasoned entrepreneur with two other start-ups behind him, David also holds
a degree in Economics from University College London.

We caught up with David to learn a bit more about what it means
to be at the helm of a fast-growing business – and to get his top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hit play for the highlights from our conversation, including David’s advice on how to thrive while doing what you love!