Let’s Talk
About The
Water Crisis

text by Zoe Weiner PHOTO & CONTENT CREDITS Water.org

Water is at the core of everything we do.

In developing countries, women and girls spend up to 6 hours every day collecting water (not including the hours they spend looking for a clean place to go to the bathroom) — which means time taken away from work, caring for family members or attending school. For Water.org, these statistics are simply unacceptable. Founded in 2009 by engineer Gary White and actor Matt Damon, the organization strives to provide long term solutions for those affected by the global water crisis.
Let’s Talk About The Water Crisis | Drinkfinity HUB

The Water.org Mission

"Access to water is access to education, access to work, access above all to the kind of future we want for our own families and all the members of our human families,”

says Matt Damon. Water.org has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide by offering small, affordable loans, called “WaterCredits,” with very low interest rates. These loans allow communities to build water sanitation solutions to equip themselves with the access to water they’ll need for the future.

Providing Access To Education

At Abusha School In Uganda, a loan micro-financed by Water.org has helped provide access to clean water and toilets for hundreds of 3 to 6-year-old children. “They don’t have toilets. Their families work hard to pay for their tuition to attend our school. Here, they get safe, clean drinking water. They can shower. We have boys and girls toilets. The children can take water home. Our teachers teach them about hand-washing and bathing.” With the aid of a Water.org, Halimah and her team strive to empower students for a bright, healthy future.

“Most of the students here at Abusha don’t have water at home,”

says Halimah, the school’s headmistress.
Let’s Talk About The Water Crisis | Drinkfinity HUB
Let’s Talk About The Water Crisis | Drinkfinity HUB

Empowering Work and Changing Families’ Futures

For Elenita, a seamstress in the Philippines, a small, affordable loan from Water.org means that she can now spend her time working instead of searching for water. And for Fermin, a farmer in Peru, the fact that the bank would lend him the funds to build a toilet and water pump in his home that he couldn’t afford on his own has meant providing a better life for his family.

Avoiding Illness

In Indonesia, where 27 Million people lack access to safe water, women are faced with an impossible choice on a regular basis: Certain death without water, or possible death from consuming unsafe water. For Sarati, the only options for providing her mother and grandmother with water were to walk 6 hours every day or to spend a large part of her income purchasing it from a vendor. Now, thanks to WaterCredits, a pump near her front door means the end of her family’s personal water crisis.
Let’s Talk About The Water Crisis | Drinkfinity HUB
These are only a few examples of the hundreds of lives that Water.org has affected in its efforts to change the way the world gets its water, one community at a time.

We all know that access to clean water is vital for every aspect of our lives, so visit Water.org to find out more about how you can help in the fight against the global water crisis.

With your purchase, you contribute to helping Drinkfinity work with Water.org to provide a year of safe water to someone in a developing country.

Let’s Talk About The Water Crisis | Drinkfinity HUB